Part 3

Changing the Digital Climate

Quotes about Changing the Digital Climate

Michael Mann, Joseph Goffman, Alex Howard, Paul N. Edwards, Juanita Constible, Ben Levitan

The following quotes are provided for attribution. Note that * means that the quote is from an organization that is partnered with EDGI.

“This report confirms our worst fears. The most anti-science and anti-environmental administration in our nation’s history—the Trump administration—is engaged in an unprecedented effort to suppress science and rewrite scientific history, purging government website of any information that is adverse to the polluting interests who are now running the show. Climate change is perhaps the greatest security threat we face as a nation and the Trump administration is advancing a dangerous policy of unilateral disarmament in the battle against dangerous and irreversible climate change

– Michael Mann, Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science and Direct of the Earth System Science Center, Penn State University

“This is high quality and valuable work. It does more than just offer a critical reminder of the importance of understanding climate change and the critical demands it makes on governments and the public. It also illustrates, in a dramatic way, just how much the public at large, and the stakeholders and public officials charged with representing the public’s interests depend on the federal government to assemble and disseminate top-quality peer-reviewed scientific and technical information.”

– Joseph Goffman, Executive Director, Harvard Law School’s Environmental Law Program. Previously: Associate Assistant Administration for Climate and Senior Counsel in the Office of Air and Radiation at the Environmental Protection Agency

“Public understanding of public policy should be informed by public access to public research and evidence, not diminished or distorted. The United States government and the officials entrusted with stewardship of public lands and knowledge should be using its immense resources to enlighten and empower the nation, increasing resilience and igniting more effective responses to shared challenges. Removing information from the public’s view will not change the fact that human activity is having an impact upon our climate, nor the urgency of acting upon that reality.”

– Alex Howard, Deputy Director, Sunlight Foundation*

“Every administration has the right to choose policy priorities, including how it responds to the threat of climate change. But no administration has the right to lie about the existence of the problem, perhaps the most studied and the best confirmed of any environmental issue in history, nor to sweep it under the rug. Deleting well-settled knowledge from federal websites will have no effect at all on climate change — except to aggravate it, by confusing the public and demonstrating American disregard for the most urgent environmental policy problem in history.”

– Paul N. Edwards, William J. Perry Fellow in International Security and Senior Research Scholar, Stanford University; Professor of Information and History, University of Michigan. (click here for a full comment from Paul Edwards)

“Hiding the facts will not make the problem go away. The American people see the dangers of climate change, and the urgent need to protect our planet — for us and for all future generations.’’

– Juanita Constible, Special Project Director, Natural Resource Defense Council’s Climate and Clean Energy Program

“The Trump Administration’s censorship of vital information about climate change will not protect Americans from the suffering that climate change will cause. It will not stop hurricanes, heat waves, or sea-level rise. It will only make it more difficult and costly to keep our families and communities safe.”

– Ben Levitan, Attorney, Environmental Defense Fund’s Climate and Energy Program